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Agrarian Opportunities is a first ever digital platform set up to connect, empower, share, engage, unleash and facilitate mainly agricultural opportunities and potentialities for young people and other stakeholders within and outside Africa. Agrarian Opportunities is set up as a one-stop-shop for all agricultural opportunities for Africans at global, regional, national and local levels.
From sharing to capacity building, to mentorship and skills development, the platform will re-define the use of social media and internet as a means to gain access to global agricultural opportunities Africans while developing and promoting innovations and ideas that aims at addressing global food security agenda and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


African agriculture potential is widely spread across the different value chains and sub-sectors. The Africa agricultural industry is projected at a market value of 1 trillion US Dollar by 2030. To maximize the potentials of agriculture with the current increase in youth population in Africa, Agrarian Opportunities sees a need to share, connect, engage, unleash, promote and empower young people and other stakeholders on diverse agricultural opportunities and potentialities across the globe.
The number of internet users and graduates in Africa is rising every year. For instance, in Nigeria, there are over 120 million internet users, the highest number per country in Africa and 7th globally and similarly, there are more than 173 million mobile subscribers in Nigeria, the largest mobile market in Africa and the 8th largest globally.
According to the 2019 data from the Internet Users Statistics, there are over 520 million internet users in Africa and more than 200 million people in Africa are subscribed to Facebook in 2018. The majority of the internet users are young people especially in Africa where there are youngest population than anywhere in the world.
Hence, the ‘Agrarian Opportunities’ initiative is looking to share and promote agricultural opportunities to Africans; building and enhancing their skills and talents to create an intuitive learning and good use of social media to connect with potential agricultural opportunities and potentialities that could shape their career, create job opportunities, drive innovations and transform Africa food systems.


To be a leading platform that promotes agricultural opportunities and potentialities as a means to attract youth into agriculture, facilitates solutions African agricultural challenges and link people directly to useful information.


To offer and promote enormous possibilities in agriculture by sharing, informing, empowering, and connecting Africans, especially young people to agricultural opportunities, thereby, helping Africans to access global, regional, national and local agricultural opportunities and potentialities for personal and agribusiness growth.


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